The University of Toronto Visual Studies Programme proudly presents For What Is Not Said – an exhibition of undergraduate thesis projects conceived and realized by the ten emerging artists of the 2009 Thesis Class. For What Is Not Said showcases artworks of various disciplines including paint, photography, printmaking, video, installation and performance. The show is a culmination of a seven-month-long exploration of individual conceptual and studio art practice.

The exhibition is situated in the historic Connaught Building at 1 Spadina Crescent. The building has become an integral part of the show as the artists’ development is mirrored in the transformation of a studio artspace into a gallery space.

The Visual Studies Thesis course commences with a seminar-based class where the emphasis lies in the development of five proposals, in which the artistic projects are conceived and conceptualized. Under the direction of Professor Susan Schelle, three proposals were selected. Concepts behind these projects are explored then refined under the supervision of Professor Kim Tomczak. The artists worked collaboratively in all aspects of staging a professional art exhibition. By the end of term, the initial three proposals are fully realized and and presented in For What is Not Said.