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artist statement

Quiet observations, questions, and anxieties are confessed through a painting, drawings, and photographs. A beguiling anxiety towards the ambiguous possibility of humanity’s self-induced destruction, as well as our fear of approaching a threshold of biological resources, has provoked the ideas motivating my series of work. This process exploits the dimensions of vulnerability and degeneration of the natural world within the context of the Twenty-first Century.

Dziekanski Funeral is a cathartic exploration of a specific incident presented via the media. The event instigated several conditions: an attempt to understand and rationalize the inevitable transience of all units; vulnerability as the consequence of human pretense; decomposition as a function of evolution.

2525, an installation of drawn hand ‘guns’, articulates a delicate brutality. This piece presents the idea that we are all at each other’s and our own mercy.

Nowhere Better Than This Place (series), articulates a contradictory pastiche of violence and beauty through the union of poor quality images and embroidered elements. The photographs reference contemporary modes of sharing information, by means of disposable and cell phone cameras, in addition to Youtube video stills and found images via Google. These original and found images allocate the work within contemporary popular culture. Their original intentions are diluted through the decontextualization of their sources.

My work articulates layers and accumulations of personal unease – they translate the destruction and vulnerable evolution of the system in which we exist. My approach conveys a visceral yet detached retort to the calamity of our time. Although these pieces render a somewhat bleak view of humanity, I seek to merely point out implicit aspects of my apprehension – perhaps to persuade an alternative.




Collage Hand 1 Hand 2



Rachel Wallace


2005 – Present University of Toronto
B. A., Specializing in Visual Studies and English (2010)

group exhibitions & publications

2009 Hart House Review 2009, Hart House, University of Toronto
For What Is Not Said, Visual Studies Thesis Exhibition, University of Toronto
Chancellor’s Student Art Exhibition, Simcoe Hall, University of Toronto
Reflect, University College’s Socially Aware Multimedia Exhibition,University of Toronto
2008 Eyeball Exhibition, 1 Spadina Cres., University of Toronto
Chancellor’s Student Art Exhibition, Simcoe Hall, University of Toronto
The Poster Exchange, Experimental Exhibition Lab, University of Toronto
2007 Eyeball Exhibition, 1 Spadina Cres., University of Toronto
2006 Eyeball Exhibition, 1 Spadina Cres., University of Toronto
2005 Eyeball Exhibition, 1 Spadina Cres., University of Toronto

work experience

2006 – 2008 Distribution Assistant
Distributing video work to Canadian and international institutions, festivals, and galleries. Vtape, Toronto
2006 Assistant to Curator
Assisting curator Lisa Steele with the “Analogue” video tour, representing the work of international and Canadian founders of video art. Vtape, Toronto

relevant experience

2007 – Present Visual Studies Photography Work-Study
Aid students in chemical and digital based photography classes, University of Toronto
2005 – Present Freelance Designer
Graphic, silkscreen, and apparel design
2003, 2001 Volunteer, Art Gallery of Ontario
Summer Arts Program & Family Sundays, Art Gallery of Ontario